Shades of grey

Ok, I know I am not going to start a revolution with the following statement but I really want to get this out, my favourite colour is Black.

Discussing this mini-fetish of mine with my super talented photographer Dorian (follow @dorneed for some ultra-sharp pics) he suggested that we should do a session in B&W. So few weeks later here it is.

To get maximum effect for a B&W shoot I went “all black”, literally head to toe. Before the shoot I had a session at Josh Wood Atelier Hair Lab at Liberty Regents street (@atelierjoshwood) and got a shoulder length cut and black colour. My  friends lovingly call that cut  the “mushroom head” but I have no idea why ;)

Anyways, moving on swiftly and downwards; outerwear. I'm wearing a leather vest from Zara, it's one of my favourite pieces as it combines the 2 features I'm crazy about: leather and metal trims that give a sharp finish to whatever look you go for.

Underneath I have an H&M lace top from the Trend concept collection. Approaching toes now, I'm wearing Zara velvet trousers. When I saw these I thought they would make a refreshing addition to my wardrobe which consists mainly of denim and leather trousers. Indeed they give a very refined spin to the look, complementing the lace top but making an excellent contrast with the leather vest. I like them so much I also get them in grey. Finishing touch for the bottom half of the look is ‘that’ Moschino belt.

Finally toes, I'm wearing heeled sandals with faux rabbit fur from Top shop. These are so playful and versatile I’d say I love them but I actually adore them as they are super comfortable as well, making them one of my top accessories right now. 

Photographer: Dorian Nedzewicz

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Beautiful pics kiss