Challenge accepted

Since I can remember myself, I was the one deciding what I'm going to wear. I always had a vision, I knew what I like and what I don’t, what looks good with what and what does not. 

What I also remember is that I was never a fan of knitwear ;) I thought that it doesn’t look good on me. I'm not sure why, maybe my body type or maybe it was just in my head :) Either way even until now in my wardrobe you won't find more than 3 sweaters #truestory ;) 

So for my next post I wanted a bit of a challenge and decided face my fear and create a warm wintery look based around cosy knitwear.

The knitwear piece I was wearing in the shoot was from Topshop. I find that the gentle grey colour contrasts very well with black trousers. For the shoot I was wearing black faux leather trousers from Zara. 

I really like to wear real or faux leather clothes; they always give a sense of style and character to whatever outfit I choose to wear.

To complete the look, I chose black boots from H&M which I bought for a very reasonable price. 

It always makes me happy when people in the street ask me where I got them from because they really like them. It's such a good feeling when you find something really cool between piles of ordinary stuff ;) The boots blend in very well with the trousers, and the metal attachments give the whole look a little something extra.

Winter is not only time to be warm and cosy but with Xmas it is also the time of giving (and receiving ;)). 

One of my favourite gifts this year was the Falabella Eco Linen Python tote from Stella McCartney. I love the fact that it can be carried as a clutch, tote or shoulder bag, this gives the flexibility to carry it either as a day time or evening accessory.

Location: Holland Park, London

Photographer: Dorian Nedzewicz

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Stefanie said...

Love the cozy outfit! Great inspiration for style!