It's a secret

A few weeks ago I was graciously invited by photographer Dorian Nedzewicz (http://www.studio.london) to join their photoshot for a recently launched website. 
The day was a very pleasant experience overall and pictures with more information will be available on our blog very soon :) 
In between photo sessions with photographer Sandra Gorska (http://www.sandragorska.com/) we were also shooting material for today's post. 
I'm wearing my fave Trapstar tee and leather mini skirt from Zara . 
I complimented the look with H&M earrings and the greatest sneakers existing - Balanciaga Race Runners 


Chanel Seoul

While everyone is in New York attending the Met Gala, and judging the best-dressed celebrities Karl Lagerfeld is in Seoul, South Korea for Chanel’s latest runway presentation for the resort.

Chanel Cruise collection was inspired by Korean traditions and K-Pop phenomenon that had all the color and sugar-rush that Lagerfeld could possible imagine.

Oh and what an inspiration it is!  From sprinkling of sober little jackets,  the oddities, wide patent pants and turquoise lace culottes. 

The models were made up like manga kewpies their hair concealed under big “hats” of braided black hair that is a reference to Korean tonsorial tradition.

I am sure that Fka Twigs would wear any of this outfits as Karl might get inspired by her hair-style too :)

Have a look at my favorite looks from the show and let me know what you think!


Fashion Street, E1

There is something about east London that draws me back time and time again. 
It’s definitely my favourite place to take pictures for Inside.
This time, photographer Sandra and I met on Fashion Street. 
We soon discovered it was a small but super busy street so we had to stop shooting every few minutes because of people or cars straying into shot;)
Just like with the first post, I wanted to have street art in the background and as you can see Fashion Street proved perfect.
I was wearing a Topman bomber jacket, And Other Stories black linen dress,  Urban Outfitters heeled shoes and , of course, shiny socks from Topshop. Those of you who know me well will know they are like my signature:)

Photographs by Sandra Gorska 


Shades of grey

Ok, I know I am not going to start a revolution with the following statement but I really want to get this out, my favourite colour is Black.

Discussing this mini-fetish of mine with my super talented photographer Dorian (follow @dorneed for some ultra-sharp pics) he suggested that we should do a session in B&W. So few weeks later here it is.

To get maximum effect for a B&W shoot I went “all black”, literally head to toe. Before the shoot I had a session at Josh Wood Atelier Hair Lab at Liberty Regents street (@atelierjoshwood) and got a shoulder length cut and black colour. My  friends lovingly call that cut  the “mushroom head” but I have no idea why ;)

Anyways, moving on swiftly and downwards; outerwear. I'm wearing a leather vest from Zara, it's one of my favourite pieces as it combines the 2 features I'm crazy about: leather and metal trims that give a sharp finish to whatever look you go for.

Underneath I have an H&M lace top from the Trend concept collection. Approaching toes now, I'm wearing Zara velvet trousers. When I saw these I thought they would make a refreshing addition to my wardrobe which consists mainly of denim and leather trousers. Indeed they give a very refined spin to the look, complementing the lace top but making an excellent contrast with the leather vest. I like them so much I also get them in grey. Finishing touch for the bottom half of the look is ‘that’ Moschino belt.

Finally toes, I'm wearing heeled sandals with faux rabbit fur from Top shop. These are so playful and versatile I’d say I love them but I actually adore them as they are super comfortable as well, making them one of my top accessories right now. 

Photographer: Dorian Nedzewicz


Challenge accepted

Since I can remember myself, I was the one deciding what I'm going to wear. I always had a vision, I knew what I like and what I don’t, what looks good with what and what does not. 

What I also remember is that I was never a fan of knitwear ;) I thought that it doesn’t look good on me. I'm not sure why, maybe my body type or maybe it was just in my head :) Either way even until now in my wardrobe you won't find more than 3 sweaters #truestory ;) 

So for my next post I wanted a bit of a challenge and decided face my fear and create a warm wintery look based around cosy knitwear.

The knitwear piece I was wearing in the shoot was from Topshop. I find that the gentle grey colour contrasts very well with black trousers. For the shoot I was wearing black faux leather trousers from Zara. 

I really like to wear real or faux leather clothes; they always give a sense of style and character to whatever outfit I choose to wear.

To complete the look, I chose black boots from H&M which I bought for a very reasonable price. 

It always makes me happy when people in the street ask me where I got them from because they really like them. It's such a good feeling when you find something really cool between piles of ordinary stuff ;) The boots blend in very well with the trousers, and the metal attachments give the whole look a little something extra.

Winter is not only time to be warm and cosy but with Xmas it is also the time of giving (and receiving ;)). 

One of my favourite gifts this year was the Falabella Eco Linen Python tote from Stella McCartney. I love the fact that it can be carried as a clutch, tote or shoulder bag, this gives the flexibility to carry it either as a day time or evening accessory.

Location: Holland Park, London

Photographer: Dorian Nedzewicz


Plumage House

 I was cycling on my journey back home when I saw that old, shut pub in Angel and I had immediately fallen in love with it. Everything about it was inspirational; its colours, its architecture and its enigmatic character. I knew this would be exactly the right location to shoot my first pictures for INSIDE.

The look I went for is quite spontaneous, something that I could wear literally everyday. I have recently began my adoration of hats and oversized jackets what played a major part in my choice of outfit. I added Top Shop white flatforms with Maison Martin Margiela rings and little vintage shimmering bag. And finally my favourite piece - a long black coat from Forever 21 to create an easy- going autumn look.

Pictures by wonderful Iza Rem, you can check her blog here @ http://highspeedslowmotion.com/page/2/

Make up by Morenike Jegede. 


Happy New Year

New Year is coming which give us an excuse to dress up!

Here are INSIDE's latest inspirations, Happy New Year everyone!

                                                              Balmain Spring/Summer 2015
                                                         Angelos Bratis Spring/Summer 2015
                                                               Balmain Spring/Summer 2015
                                                   Calvin Klein Collection Spring/Summer 2015
                                                                   Chanel Pre-Fall 2015
                                                                  ChloĆ© Pre-Fall 2015
                                                              Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2015
                                                            Christopher Kane Pre-Fall 2015
                                                           Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2015
                                                          Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2015
                                                          Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2015
                                                             Marchesa Pre-Fall 2015